Places In Pennsylvania

Places in Pennsylvania

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At the dawn of the twentieth century, Pennsylvania was the second most-populous state.

Although Gross Domestic Product by State was not tabulated until the 1930’s, Pennsylvania was certainly one of the richest states in 1910.

The rich topsoil of southeastern Pennsylvania, well-watered and limestone-based, maintained the Commonwealth’s status as a top agricultural producer.

In northern Pennsylvania, the mining and breaking of anthracite coal fueled industries throughout the country, especially the great iron and steel furnaces of Pittsburgh and the western portions of the state.

Titusville, in northwest Pennsylvania was the site of the nation’s first oil well.

Since the early 19 th century, Pennsylvania had invested in internal transportation networks – the first turnpikes, and early canal systems, and then, railroads.

Robert Fulton designed and tested his experimental steam ships in eastern Pennsylvania.

Two of the nation’s largest railroad companies, the Reading Railroad and the Pennsylvania Railroad, had developed from extensive rail systems within Pennsylvania.

Thus, the relative prosperity of the citizens and an extensive transportation system fostered a great deal of travel within the Commonwealth.

And, there was a lot to see.

Because of William Penn’s commitment to treaties and peaceful relationships with indigenous people, the interior of Pennsylvania was settled more rapidly than that of most other colonies.

The old colonial cities of Lancaster, Reading, and York, in the interior of Pennsylvania, had buildings and monuments significantly older than those found in the newer cities of the American West.

Philadelphia, the largest city in Colonial America, is replete with historical treasures; the surrounding area witnessed significant struggles in the War of Independence.

The largest battlefield of the Civil War is found at Gettysburg.

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