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The Flood of 1933 – York, PA

In June of 1972, I experienced first-hand the devastation of Hurricane Agnes in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. During that summer flood, I saw the covered bridge

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Sickness and Sale

Sickness and Sale Mrs. Fenstermaker Hears Bad News from Her Son -1911 (This collection has several postcards from the Fenstermaker family.) This postcard is from

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The Great Flood of Dayton

The Great Flood of Dayton – March, 1913 Dayton, in southwest Ohio, lies at the juncture of three tributary rivers flowing into the Great Miami

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Explosion in Washington Boro

Explosion in Washington Boro – 1907 Beginning in the 1890’s, some homes and businesses were lit by acetylene lamps. Before home electrification was common, acetylene

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