Miss Ada Brandt Has Become Mrs. Hollinger – Elizabethtown, PA (1915)

Sometimes one discovers a large collection of postcards addressed to the same person, and that is what I found at an antique exhibition before the pandemic.

Miss Ada Brandt, grew up near Elizabethtown, a town in southeastern Pennsylvania.


We were introduced to Ada in another postcard – one featuring a photograph of a potato patch.

Ada saved a large quantity of postcards from friends and family members.

I picked up only a small sample of what was offered for sale, and can identify numerous friends of the young Miss Brandt.

Other postcards in the same box were sent to Mrs. Clayton Hollinger, and some addressed to “Ada”.

I was able to confirm that Ada Brandt had married Clayton Hollinger.

In the other postcard of 1912, Ada was invited to accompany her friend, Naomi, to Camp Meeting.

In this postcard of October, 1915, Ada is greeted by her mother who inquires about “the little boy” and suggests plans for a meeting.

The postcard is nicely illustrated with swooping swallows and a floral wreath.

The legend states, “Best Wishes”, but there is no indication that this was Ada’s birthday.

Ada’s mother was hosting Church at their home the next Sunday; I believe the Brandts and the Hollingers were conservative Mennonites.

Grandfather had given them “a crock of pudding meat” that mother would share.

“Pudding” or Scrapple is an acquired taste if you are not native to PA Dutch culture.


One hopes that Ada, Clayton, and their son prospered in the years of the early 20th century.


There is sadness in this story.

Ada Brandt, born in 1894, was married to Clayton Hollinger in 1914.

She bore three children, Clarence would have been the “little boy” mentioned by her mother.

Unfortunately, Ada Hollinger died in 1927 at the age of 33.

Clayton and Ada owned a farm near the town of Hershey, PA.


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