Maggie Reports Many Illnesses – Wilmington, Delaware (1909)

Mrs. Charles Kirby, “Susie”, lived in Baltimore, Maryland.

In February of 1909, Mrs. Kirby received a postcard greeting from Miss Maggie.

Miss Maggie lived on Monroe Street in Wilmington, Delaware.

We cannot know if Miss Maggie was a relative of the Kirby family or a housekeeper or other household retainer.

The face of the postcard bears a medallion illustration of a forest in Autumn, surrounded by white daisies.

Although the legend says, “Happy Days”, the news on the reverse is all about winter sickness.

Papa is “very sick with Grip”; Leslie has a “tight chest and sore throat”; Maggie feels as though she is “getting the Grip” also.

Despite all the maladies at home, Maggie hopes that the Kirby household is “all well” and sends “much love”.

We hope that Papa, Leslie, and Miss Maggie recovered from their cold-weather illnesses and enjoyed a lovely Spring in 1909.


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