A Train Derailment on Thanksgiving Day – 1907

I found recently this postcard photograph of a train wreck at New Providence, Pa.

Searching a database of Pennsylvania railway accidents, I was unable to find a listing for this event.

Perhaps the location was not identified as New Providence or the derailment of the engine was not considered a disaster.

The photograph was printed by F. W. Helm & Son; the elder Helm was a merchant who also served as Postmaster. 

According to the “Biographical Annals of Lancaster County” (1903), Helm was a Director of the Bank at Quarryville, a brother to the Principal of the Franklin & Marshall Academy in Lancaster, and a brother to two physicians.

The postcard was mailed from New Providence in September of 1909 to Harvey Mowery of New Providence.

Unfortunately, the postcard photograph was damaged and repaired with scotch tape- never a good idea with old paper documents.


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