The Flood of 1933 – York, PA

In June of 1972, I experienced first-hand the devastation of Hurricane Agnes in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

During that summer flood, I saw the covered bridge at Pine Town and the second covered bridge at Hunsecker carried away by the raging Conestoga River.

I had not heard of the great flooding that occurred in the city of York in August of 1933.

As occurred almost 40 years later, the Chesapeake-Potomac Hurricane of 1933 brought 13-17 inches of rainfall to York County, 5 inches falling in a very brief period of time.

The Codorus Creek overflowed, inundating parts of the city.

At an antique mall, I found a commemorative photograph folder that was printed soon after this event.

The folder contains a dozen photographs; I separated and scanned three of the shots here.


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