A Christmas Message for Flossie – Hancock, Massachusetts (1924)

Flossie Wager lived in Hancock, a town in the Taconic Mountains of western Massachusetts.

(Throughout the 19th and early 20th century, there was a Shaker community in Hancock.)

In December of 1924, Flossie received a Christmas postcard from her friend, Minerva, in New Hampshire.

The face of the postcard is illustrated with a drawing of a large evergreen tree beside a rural home.

A printed verse extends the Christmas greeting:

“Just a message of Christmas Cheer

And wishes galore for a Glad New Year”

On the reverse, Minerva asks, “Have you seen Santa yet?”

The tone of the question suggests that Flossie might be a young girl.

One hopes that Flossie and Minerva enjoyed a splendid Christmas in 1924.


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