A Floral Frame for Mrs. Kelley – Roslyn, Maryland (1908)

Mrs. Thomas Kelley lived in Roslyn, a populated place (near Pikesville) in Baltimore County, Maryland.


In September of 1908, Mrs. Kelley was celebrating a birthday.

She received a beautiful postcard greeting from John.

The postcard was mailed from Roslyn, so we may assume that John was a neighbor or friend of Mrs. Kelley.

The face of the postcard is framed with a garland of four-leaf clovers and blue forget-me-nots.

(The ornamental garland is embossed; the depth can be noted more clearly from the image of the reverse.)

An angular, stylized horseshoe, with pink and white blossoms, lies within the garland.

The printed legend declares, “Birthday Greetings”.

John inscribed his name on the face, but added no message on the reverse.

One hopes that Mrs. Kelley was pleased by the postcard and that she and John remained friends and correspondents for many years.


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