A Good Guesser – Hillsdale, N.Y. (1914)

Miss Velma Magley lived in Hillsdale, a town in the hills of Columbia County in southeast New York.

Hillsdale is close to the border of Massachusetts.


Miss Magley maintained a large network of correspondents – I have seen dozens of postcards that she received from friends, family members, and admirers.

In May of 1914, Velma received a postcard from James.

The postcard was mailed from New York City; there are no clues about the relationship of James to Velma.

The face of the postcard is a photograph of a well-dressed man sitting on a bench; he is reading a newspaper.

This unsuspecting reader is ambushed by a young lady who holds her hands over his eyes.

The caption reads, “Are You a Good Guessor (sic)?”

It seems that the young lady demands that the man guess her identity.

On the reverse, James thanks Velma for her recent card.

James reports that “the weather is getting warmer every day”.

James informs Velma about a forthcoming trip: “I expect to go Springfield Mass to see my friends at school.”

In closing, James identifies himself as “Your Friend”.

Velma preserved the many postcards she received throughout her live.

One hopes that she and James maintained a friendship for many years.


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