A Kiss at Midnight – Berkeley Springs, WV (circa 1910)

A Kiss at Midnight – Berkeley Springs, WV (circa 1910)

We met Miss Odessa Mendenhall in earlier postcard stories – we recently looked at the postcard Odessa received from Frank in Smithfield, West Virginia.

Odessa lived in Berkeley Springs, a resort town built around the mineral springs in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia.


I noted that I have quite a few postcards related to Miss Mendenhall – and several relate to themes of courtship and romance.

This postcard shows an amorous couple on a bench beside a pond.

They are kissing by moonlight.

A country house, without lighted windows, appears in the background.

The young gentleman’s hat is on the ground beside his feet.

I believe the young woman is wearing a hat.

On the reverse, the postcard is addressed clearly to Miss Mendenhall, but I was confused by the inscription where the message would be written.

It looks like “c/o Yourself”.

Odessa had such a large circle of correspondents that I hesitate to suggest that she mailed this postcard to herself.

I considered that a friend might be suggesting that the postcard illustrates the adventures of Odessa.

Or, the message could be a reminder to “take care of yourself”.

In any event, the postcard is a great example of romantic postcard illustration, and it was well-preserved within the large collection of Miss Mendenhall.


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