A Pastoral Scene for Mr. Nyce – Vernfield, PA (1907)

Several months ago, I posted a comic postcard (the “Big Squeeze”) that had been printed by the NYCE Manufacturing Company of Vernfield, PA.

(The Nyce family had been part of an early-18th century migration of Mennonite families to Germantown, PA. and had become – in the early 20th century- a significant publisher of postcards in Pennsylvania.)

Vernfield is a community in Montgomery County, north of Philadelphia.

At a recent postcard exhibition, I was pleased to find a postcard (not published by NYCE!) that was mailed to Wm. Nyce of Vernfield in 1907.

I do not know if Mr. Nyce was employed by the manufacturing company that bears his family name.

The postcard, featuring a pastoral scene of sheep beneath shade trees, was published by A.H. in the “American Art Series”.

Mailed from Indianapolis, Indiana, the face of the postcard also bears the neatly-inscribed name of Jacob S. Harley.

(As Harleysville is a notable town in Montgomery County, it is possible that Jacob Harley is a neighbor or relative of William Nyce.)

There is no written message, so we cannot determine the nature of the relationship between the correspondents, nor the reason for which Mr. Harley was in Indiana.

One hopes that the card was pleasing to Mr. Nyce, although not published by the Nyce company.


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