A Present for Viola Landis – Landis Valley, PA (1913)

This is not a postcard, but another bit of memorabilia that has a remarkable story,

Landis Valley is a small community in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Some months ago, I shared a postcard photograph of the Landis Valley Museum and a link to the remarkable Landis brothers whose ancestors had given their name to the tiny village. 

In the early years of the 20th century, a distant relative of the Landis brothers, Viola Landis, attended the Sunday School of the Landis Valley Mennonite Church.

At Christmas (I believe it was Christmas due to the decorated tree on the motto), Viola was given an illustrated motto containing the Biblical injunction, “Seek Good and not Evil”.

The motto is constructed of very stiff paper to which a soft cord is attached; Viola may have hung it in her bedroom.

Some thoughtful person, perhaps her Sunday School teacher, recorded the presentation on the reverse.

Note:  I learned more about Viola.

Viola and her sister, Catherine, did not marry; they donated family property to become the retirement community, Landis Homes.

At Christmas, it is a cheering thought to recall that this kind present to a child was saved for more than a century.


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