A Turkey for Grace – Swan, Iowa (circa 1910)

Miss Grace Butler lived in Swan, a very small city in Marion County of central Iowa.

The population of Swan reached its zenith in 1890 when 490 people lived in the community. 

The population of this agricultural city was 75 in the 2020 census.

Sometime around 1910 (the postmark is applied haphazardly), Grace received a Thanksgiving postcard from her friends.

(I cannot identify the place from which the postcard was mailed.)

In beautiful, subdued colors, a turkey stands proudly before a medallion illustration of shocks in the field and an array of Fall flowers and harvested fruit.

The postcard was “Made in Germany”, but I cannot identify a publisher.

On the reverse, we learn that the friends’ first names are identified by initials – M. E. and T. (?) O.; the surname is “May”.

One hopes that Grace and her friends enjoyed a splendid Thanksgiving.


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