A Valentine Maiden for Oscar – Cushing, Minnesota (1911)

Mr. Oscar Johnson lived in Cushing, an unincorporated community in central Minnesota.


In February of 1911, Oscar received a beautiful Valentine postcard.

The postcard was mailed from Fargo, the charming city (and “college town”) in north-east North Dakota, not far from the border of Minnesota.


On the face of the postcard is a lovely medallion drawing of a young woman standing amid trees; the figure is almost lost in the bright flowers that frame the image.

Above the colorful drawing is the legend, “Valentine Greetings”.

The illustration was copyrighted in 1910 by J. Baumann.

The Valentine appears to have been pasted into an album, so parts of the message (and the sender’s identity) are torn from the reverse of the postcard.

On the readable portions of the reverse, Oscar is addressed as, “Dear Friend”.

The sender thanks Oscar for the card and the money.  

There is some mystery about ten cents; the sender writes, “I don’t understand what you mean with the ten cents…”

Nevertheless, the sender writes, “…I still wish that you will get a lot of Valentines”.

One hopes that Oscar did receive many valentines, that the monetary arrangements between the parties were resolved, and that both correspondents enjoyed a happy St. Valentine’s Day.


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