A Windmill in Autumn – circa 1910

This well-made postcard, featuring an original painting depicting an Autumn landscape, was published by the German American Novelty Art Company.

In earlier posts, I have referred to the German American Novelty Company which published some of the highest quality postcard art of the early 20th century.

Many of these postcards featured lush landscapes or tender scenes of domestic life or of animals.

As the company name suggests, this was a publishing company linking German printers to the large American market.

Additionally, the postcards often appealed to the large German-American immigrant population of the US.

This postcard illustration was printed circa 1910.

The windmill in the distance looks Dutch, until one recalls that many parts of Germany used wind power for milling of grain or wood.

This was especially true in the northernmost area, Schleswig-Holstein, where the flat lands between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea were dotted with windmills.


The postcard was not mailed.


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