A Winter Landscape from Walter – Portland, Oregon (1908)

Mr. G. Thieleman lived in Portland, the largest city in the State of Oregon.

Portland, at the end of the Oregon Trail, grew on the banks of the Willamette River in the northwest part of the state.


In December of 1908, Mr. Thielemann received a postcard from Walter.

Walter mailed the postcard from Chicago.

The face of the postcard is a lovely example of postcard art – a cottage in the snowy foothills of a mountainous region.

Above the mountains, in the slate-blue sky, is the legend “A Merry Christmas”.

In the foreground, large holly bunches are covered in frost and snow.

I have not yet identified the publisher’s mark, but the postcard was printed in Germany.

On the reverse, we find the inscription, “Wish you all a Merry Christmas from Walter”.

One hopes that Mr. Thielemann was delighted by the Christmas greeting and that he and Walter enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.


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