Ada and the View of Toronto – Mt Nebo, PA (Lancaster County), 1913

Miss Ada Brubaker lived in Mount Nebo, a populated place in southwest Lancaster County.

It is not far from the Holtwood Dam on the Susquehanna River; an old-growth forest preserve attracts visitors today.

(Pennsylvania has two communities named “Mount Nebo”, so the inclusion of the county address was critical.)

In June of 1913, Ada received a postcard photograph of King Street in Toronto.

The postcard bears a name, “Dominion Auto-sight-seeing Series”, which is unknown to me – I suspect it is specific to Canada.

The postcard was printed in Great Britain.

(The printing is an unusual mix of black-and-white and sepia tones.)

Mailed from Toronto on June 30, 1913, the postcard lacks a receiving postmark in Mt. Nebo.

I love the city of Toronto, the largest city in Canada, and a cosmopolitan delight – with colorful neighborhoods, great food, art treasures, and public monuments.

One hopes that Ada enjoyed the sight of the great city.


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