Alice Falls Behind in Her Correspondence – Millersville, PA (circa 1910)

Sometime around 1910, Miss Alice Shaak lived in Millersville – the college town west of Lancaster, PA.,_Pennsylvania

Alice seems to have fallen behind in her correspondence, as she received an unsigned postcard with a reminder to write.

The face of the postcard bears a charming illustration of a girl and her large canine companion.

The girl is holding a stick; the large dog may be playing “Fetch”.

On the reverse, a simple verse addresses the tardy correspondence:

“Apples are good,

Peaches are better;

If you love me,

Answer my letter.”

One hopes that Alice hastened to compose the tardy response, and that she maintained the love and affection of all her friends.

Alice seems to have appreciated the postcard as it was preserved in very good condition for more than a hundred years.


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