Arthur Fails to Call on Miss Aston – Steubenville, Ohio (1913)

Arthur was traveling westward; he mailed a postcard from the train near Pittsburgh.

The face of the postcard is an hand-colored photograph of Steubenville, Ohio.

On the Ohio River in east central Ohio, Steubenville was a stop on the “Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago, and St. Louis Railroad”.,_Cincinnati,_Chicago_and_St._Louis_Railroad

Steubenville was named for the young Baron Von Steuben who took over the military training of the ragged Continental Army encamped at Valley Forge during the American Revolution.,_Ohio

The postcard is addressed to Miss J. B. Aston of Philadelphia.

On the reverse, Arthur writes, “Sorry I did not see you”.

This terse message concludes with, “Regards to all”.

Arthur may have been pressed for time, or may have been trying to compose dozens of postcards; the tone of the postcard message, however, does not suggest great warmth of feeling.

One hopes that Miss Aston was not dismayed by the postcard, and that the two remained friends and correspondents.


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