Arthur is Two – Albion, Maine (1924)

Arthur Walter Hunt lived in the household of Walter Hunt (presumably, his father.)

The Hunt family lived in Albion, a town in Kennebec County of south-central Maine.,_Maine

In July if 1924, Arthur was celebrating his second birthday.

He received a congratulatory postcard from Mrs. C. E. Fuller, the Superintendent of the Cradle Roll at the church the Hunts attended.

The “Cradle Roll” might take forms but was (usually) a ministry of Protestant Congregations to children who were too young to participate in Sunday School classes.

Through the Cradle Roll the child was welcomed and incorporated into the life of the congregation.

Unfortunately, the postcard does not contain any additional information about the congregation.

In 1924, Albion boasted more than 900 citizens and a number of churches.

The face of the postcard contains images of bluebirds framing a verse which extols the endless joys of babyhood.

One hopes that Arthur was delighted by the postcard and that his childhood was as untroubled as the verse declares it to be.


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