Babe Sends Belle an I.O.U. – Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1912)

Babe was visiting Hallie in Milwaukee, and she remembered that she had not answered the last letter from her friends in California.

Belle and Stuart, Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Sutherland, lived at 420 Gough Street in San Francisco.

A postcard, acknowledging the debt of a letter, was selected by Babe to communicate some news to the Sutherlands.

On the face, an illustration of a traveler scribbling some lines at a wall desk is accompanied by a cheery verse regarding an I.O.U.

There is an artist’s insignia at the lower left, but I am unable to decipher it.

On the reverse, Babe reports that she is “having a fine time” at Hallie’s place.

This afternoon, Babe “saw a show”.

Babe promises to “write a letter later”.

The postcard, printed in the United States, was mailed from Milwaukee on July 24, 1912.


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