Barry & Zecher

Paper memorabilia can lead one into all kinds of interesting areas.

Here is an advertising postcard, circa 1910, for the Barry & Zecher Company.

There is a lot of information on-line about the Barry & Zecher Company, an iron monger and factory listed in Lancaster in 1833.

“Light Lift Pumps” are the hardware installed atop wells; one pumps the long metal handle to draw water.

Vintage Barry and Zecher pumps are listed at auction for $50.

This advertising card, featuring the “Arts and Industry” building of the Smithsonian Institute, is listed on auction sites for $20.

(I doubt that any seller actually collects that much for a cheaply-printed postcard that is not rare).

The Arts and Industry building is part of the early Smithsonian, the first expansion beyond “The Castle”.

(The American History, National Gallery, Freer Gallery, etc. all came in the early 20th century.)


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