Bernice Receives a Postcard Compliment

Bernice Receives a Postcard Compliment – White Pigeon, Michigan (1908)

Bernice Blue lived in White Pigeon, a village in southwest Michigan, near the border with the state of Indiana.

In August of 1908, Bernice received a postcard from a correspondent in Lexington, Michigan.

Lexington is a small village near the top of the “thumb” in Michigan’s mitten-shaped lower peninsula.

Lexington is on the shores of Lake Huron.

The postcard, published by the Western News Company of Chicago, bears an illustration which was copyrighted by the artist in 1908.

(I cannot discern the name of the artist.)

The postcard was newly-printed when received by Bernice.

A pretty young woman, wearing a large, feathered hat, looks across the fields of a rural area.

The illustration is titled, “Maiden Meditation”.

The sender wrote on the face, “Just like you”.

We don’t know if Bernice favored hats, was often found in thoughtful contemplation, or if the woman in the illustration resembled Bernice in appearance.

Nevertheless, the inscription seems to be a compliment, and we hope that Bernice was pleased by it.


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