Bertha Sends All the News – Leola, PA (circa 1915)

This postcard was not mailed.

Because the card was printed near Leola, I assume that Bertha lived nearby.

Leola is a “census-designated place” in central Lancaster County – a few miles northeast of the city of Lancaster.

The postcard is an example of a generic design to which a local printer would insert a name.

The “Leola” designation may have been made by the newspaper office in New Holland or by a printer in another small town.

Bertha sent the postcard, perhaps by an intermediary, to her sister, Mrs. Harrison Kling, of New Holland,

New Holland is a borough in Lancaster County, about 6 miles from Leola.

In her message, Bertha asks Mrs. Harrison how she got home on Sunday.

Bertha assures Mrs. Harrison that what Bertha told her on Sunday is true.

Mary was baptized today (I assume a few days after Sunday).

Bertha will send some turkey eggs in care of Elsie, if Bertha knows when Elsie is going to New Holland.

One wonders what sensational news was shared by Bertha on Sunday that might have seemed unbelievable to her sister, Mrs. Harrison.

It seems to be something that Bertha does not want to write on a postcard that could be read by others.

I am also curious about the baptism on a weekday. Except in an emergency, such as imminent death (or a baby of royal birth), I assumed that most baptisms occurred in a church service.

Were private baptisms commonplace, or am I misreading Bertha’s message?

NOTE:  A  more thoughtful reader reminded me that baptisms often occur on holy days that fall on a weekday.

In any event, one hopes that Bertha, her sister, Mrs. Harrison, newly-baptized Mary, and Elsie the courier, all experienced happiness in the years around 1915.


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