Bessie Has Another “Social” – St. Louis, Missouri (1909)

Miss Bessie Ruden lived in Jefferson Barracks, the historic military outpost on the Mississippi River, south of St. Louis.

In April of 1909, Bessie received a postcard from her friend, Carrie, in St. Louis.

Carrie wrote to express her disappointment at the news in Bessie’s letter – that Bessie could not visit as proposed, she had “another social”.

Unfortunately, Carrie had an engagement on Easter Sunday, so she suggested that Bessie make a visit after that time.

The face of the postcard is illustrated with a drawing of clematis and cowslips – the clematis speaks to the beauty of the soul, the cowslips reflect “thy beauty as a whole”.

In her message, Carrie notes, “I am having my face taken Sunday”, which refers (I hope) to her plans to have a photograph portrait made.

There is more to the story of Bessie Ruden – I have additional postcards related to her marriage and her early experience as a mother.

One hopes that Carrie and Bessie were able to arrange a meeting and that Carrie had photographs to share with her friends.


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