Billy Must Leave “Dearest Louise” – Nunda, NY (1908)

Miss Louise Carlson lived in Erie, the port city on Lake Erie in northwest Pennsylvania.

Louise was living with Mrs. Spiegel, but we aren’t made privy to any other information about her life.

Billy was a devoted friend, perhaps a suitor, of Louise.

On October 8, 1908, Louise received a postcard greeting from Billy who was in Nunda, New York.

Nunda is a town in western NY, about 150 miles northeast of Erie.

This area is near Letchworth State Park which encompasses three great waterfalls as the Genesee River falls from the Adirondack Mountains toward Lake Erie.

The face of the postcard shows the last of the Portage Falls, and the least in height, that are now within the park.

On the reverse, Billy writes that he received a telephone call and is required to travel to Genesco that evening.

Genesco, a town in the Finger Lakes region, south of Rochester, is 17 miles north of Nunda.

This area was once a center of power for the Iroquois Confederacy, which allied with the British in the American Revolution and had devastating effects on settlements in western New York.

Billy wrote the postcard at 11:30 AM, and indicated that he will “leave here shortly after dinner”.

One hopes that the visit would not be a long one and that Billy would soon be able to travel south to see Louise.


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