“Blessed Be the Lord” – Holtwood, PA (1924)

Mrs. Aldus Martin lived in Holtwood, PA, an unincorporated community along the Susquehanna River in southern Lancaster County.  It is now the site of a large pumped storage hydro-electric plant.

In 1924, Mrs. Martin had been very ill, but was recovering.

Mrs. Naomi Bucher, of Quarryville, PA, sent a postcard greeting to Mrs. Martin to express her happiness at the improvement in Mrs. Martin’s health.

The postcard, mailed from Quarryville, features a large white rose against a pleasant rural scene.

Beneath the illustration is a legend, “Blessed Be the Lord”.

A quotation from the Book of Job follows: “Thou hast granted me life and favor…”

Naomi reports that “our little Junior arrived on February 22”.

I assume that Naomi is the new mother, but that is not clearly indicated.

One hopes that Mrs. Martin continued to improve in health and that little Junior was healthy and happy.

Note:  an internet search reveals that Aldus Jacob Martin (died in 1950) and his wife, Ella Garner Martin (died in 1945) are buried in the Bethesda United Methodist Cemetery in Holtwood.

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