Clara Sends Love to Stevens, PA – 1910

Clara Smith was in Buffalo, NY where she was “having a good time this winter” with “snow two feet deep”.

 Clara’s friend, Frances Stover, lived in Stevens, PA, an unincorporated community in northern Lancaster County.

The community of Stevens was named in honor of Thaddeus Stevens, the great advocate for equal rights and public education.

Through the early twentieth century, Stevens was served by a railroad station.

Some time ago, I shared a postcard that was mailed from the station there.

On February 13, 1910, Clara mailed from Buffalo a postcard Valentine to Frances.

Printed in Germany, with eighteen languages noted on the reverse, the postcard bore an illustration of Cupids bearing emblems of love.

The pose of the Cupid’s recalls a triumphal procession such as victorious generals staged to boast of Roman conquests in war.

The postcard is deeply embossed which makes the last name of Frances almost illegible.

One hundred and eleven years later, we are glad to be reminded of the affection between these friends who communicated on St. Valentine’s Day.


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