Cupid’s Wheelbarrow – circa 1909

This colorful postcard may have been presented as a Valentine, although there is no printed greeting on the face and the postcard was not mailed – and cannot be dated precisely.

The style of the reverse is most common to postcards printed soon after the “divided back” was approved for the inscription of a message and the address.

Sometime around 1909, Annie Baker was given the postcard from her “little friend Barbie”.

Annie lived on a rural delivery route outside of Lancaster, PA, and may have been a child.,_Pennsylvania

The designation of “little friend Barbie” suggests that the sender was not prepared to compose a message by herself.

The illustration on the face is lightly embossed and gilded.

A smiling cupid, wearing a blue shift, unloads a barrow of glittery flowers.

Above the scene, three four-leaf clovers invoke good fortune.

It is a nice bit of postcard printing.

The postcard was produced in Europe, although the specific publisher and the place of printing is not specified.

One hopes that Annie enjoyed the postcard and that she and Barbie grew up to become devoted correspondents.


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