Dick Receives an Invitation – Dixon, Illinois (1939)

With the arrival of Autumn, many Protestant Churches planned a “Rally Day” to celebrate the beginning of the Sunday School year.

Dick Brown lived in Dixon, a city on the Rock River in north central Illinois.

In early October of 1939, Dick received a postcard from MayBell E. Stanley, also of Dixon.

Ms. Stanley may have been the Church Secretary or the Sunday School Superintendent.

The face of the postcard features a drawing of a river running through a town.

The church stands on the less-crowded side of the stream, connected by a stone bridge to the buildings on the other side.

I don’t know if the illustration was a subtle reference to the town of Dixon or if there is some other allegorical meaning.

On the reverse, Dick is urged, “not to forget Rally Day” which will occur on October 8 at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.

One hopes that Dick Brown was able to attend and to “meet (your) friends and make new acquaintances”.


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