Don’t Tell Mother – Belfast, Maine (1908)

Miss Leila M. Howard lived in Belfast, a city on Belfast Bay and Penobscot Bay in southeastern Maine.

The city was burned by the British during the War of 1812, but has several historic districts and a wealth of noted architecture today.,_Maine

In February of 1908, Leila received a comic postcard from a friend or admirer.

The identity of the sender is a secret to us; we may assume that Leila recognized the writer.

The postcard was mailed from another town in Maine.

The face of the postcard is a stylized drawing of a young man and young woman leaning together in a close embrace.

Their inclined bodies create an “arch” within which a humorous caption is printed.

The legend reads, “Never breathe a word of this to mother”.

The postcard was mailed in 1908, but the undivided-back suggests that it was printed circa 1906.

Because the postcard, related to romance, was mailed near St. Valentine’s Day, it is possible that the anonymous postcard was from a suitor.

We hope that Leila was successful in her romantic relationships and that she and her correspondent remained friends for many years.


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