Easter Greetings to Carroll – Denver, PA (1908)

Carroll Regar lived in of Denver, a borough of northern Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

This area was settled in 1735 by Swiss immigrants who built a grist mill along the adjacent Cocalico Creek.


In April of 1908, Carroll received an Easter postcard from his friend, Sadie.

Sadie S lived in Ephrata, PA, a borough a few miles southwest of Denver.

Ephrata was founded by a German religious sect, and the learned monastics founded a Colonial center of book-printing in a compound of large wooden buildings that are preserved as a museum today.

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, Ephrata was also the home of the famed Mountain Spring Resort which attracted thousands of visitors who came by train from cities of the East Coast.

(This postcard was posted at noon in Ephrata and received at 7 PM in Denver on the same day.)

We infer that Carroll is a child from the address, “Master Carroll Regar”.

The face of the postcard contains a charming drawing of a rooster and two ducklings looking down on a rabbit with colored eggs and a chick.

Published by the International Art Publishing Company of New York, the postcard lacks identification of the artist.

 The postcard was printed in the United States about 1906; it reflects the requirement that the reverse contains only the address.

In March of 1907, the “divided back” postcard was permitted under revised USPS regulations.

Alas, we do not know how Carroll and Sadie are acquainted; they could be classmates at school or Sunday School, or may be cousins or otherwise related.

One hopes that they enjoyed a wonderful Easter in the 1908.


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