Edna Receives a Hunting Scene

Edna Receives a Beautiful Card in La Parke – 1906

In an earlier post, I mentioned the difficulty in finding an exact location for La Parke – a community in Lancaster County.

On-line resources note only that La Parke was “near Paradise”.

The USPS maintained a post office at Lapark 1902-1930.

In April of 1906, Miss Edna Sounders was living there when she received a postcard from P.C.H.S.

The postcard, mailed from Leaman Place, features a hunting scene in which the hounds are stymied or perplexed by a hedgehog or a small porcupine.

The postcard, printed in Germany, was published by the German American Novelty Company – purveyors of exceptionally well-colored postcards of original art.

I have not been able to decipher the message on the face of the card; is this a reference to a meeting or event on Thursday evening?

There are additional initials of “DHK”.


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