Ezra Hartman of Reading

Ezra Hartman of Reading – circa 1910

It never fails; soon after finding one photograph from a studio previously unknown to me, I find a cache of photographs from the same studio.

In the past year, I posted a photograph of an unknown man who sat for the Fritz Studio of Reading.

Soon thereafter, I found a photograph of unnamed children that was produced by Fritz.

Recently, I found the photograph of Ezra Hartman.

It is always exciting to discover a name inscribed on a vintage photograph, and some thoughtful person wrote “Ezra Hartman” beneath the Fritz Studio mark on the reverse of this one.

Ezra, wearing a suit and a straw “boater” on his head, is posed with two dogs.

It is a charming composition.

(The cuffs on Ezra’s pants are very large – I don’t know if this was typical of the era.)


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