Four Friends in Winter – circa 1915

In this postcard photograph, the men are seated, the woman stand behind – a traditional pose in photographs of the early twentieth century.

These two couples show a range of emotions; the two on the left are smiling or laughing, the two on the right have more thoughtful, serious faces.

When I first saw this postcard photograph in a box of old paper memorabilia, I admired the substantial overcoats that the men were wearing.

(In my undergraduate days, I had a hefty, double-breasted greatcoat -found at a thrift shop- like the one worn by the young man on the left.)

The women sport broad-brimmed hats, but it is hard to distinguish the features of their coats.

Nevertheless, we may assume that the photograph was taken in the winter months.

One hopes that the young people enjoyed happiness and success in their youth, and that they remained friends for many years.


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