Frances Wants To Be in Florida – Otego, New York (1920)

In December of 1920, Frances was teaching school or attending school in Otego.

Otega is a town in Otsego County, in central New York State.

Frances sent a postcard to her friends, Ruth and Charles Huber, who were in Deland, Florida.

Deland had been founded in the 1880’s by a baking soda magnate, Henry Addison Deland, who envisioned a prosperous agricultural, residential, and tourism center on the undeveloped site north of Orlando and west of Daytona Beach.

Deland was from New York State, and many of the early visitors and residents to his new city were New Yorkers.

The face of the postcard bears a photograph of the Hale Farm in the hills near Otego.

I believe the postcard was made about six years before Frances mailed it – as it was published by A. W. Bailey of Otego, but printed in Germany.

On the reverse, Frances expresses her gladness at hearing from the Hubers, and reports that “School is going fine.”

Frances adds, “Everyone is well at this writing.”

Unfortunately, Frances finds the weather “very gloomy” and she wishes she were in Florida.

One hopes that Frances found some enjoyment in the winter months upstate and that was able, in time, to visit her friends in Deland.


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