Girls in the Meadow – Imlaystown, New Jersey (1907)

Master Hilman Hendrickson lived in Imlaystown, now an unincorporated community of Monmouth County, in east- central New Jersey.

(Imlaystown, founded in 1690, once dominated the area with a thriving community of colonial-era structures.

Alas, the town suffered a disastrous fire in 1898, and never fully recovered – transportation patterns and commercial relationships shifted as railroads and new highways were constructed.

The post office, established in 1832, was closed in 2009.),_New_Jersey

In February of 1907, young Hilman was celebrating a birthday.

He received a postcard from Ella, in Easton, PA.

Easton is a city on the Delaware River, west of central New Jersey.

The face of the postcard is an original drawing of girls resting amid flowers in a meadow.

The postcard was printed in Europe, although there is no indication of the artist.

One hopes that Hilman enjoyed a wonderful birthday and that he maintained correspondence with Ella.


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