“Going to Preaching Every Night” – Wynnewood, Oklahoma (1908)

Miss Bertha Fleming was in McKinney, a charming city about 32 miles north of Dallas, Texas.

(I visited the historic downtown in McKinney some years ago.)

In August of 1908, Bertha received a weighty, embossed postcard from M.G. (?) who mailed her greeting from Wynnewood, Oklahoma.

Wynnewood (named for the Philadelphia suburb) is a market town within the historic Chickasaw Nation, about 67 miles south of Oklahoma City in south central Oklahoma.

On the reverse of the postcard, the writer inquires if Bertha is “having a good time.”

In Wynnewood, “we are not doing a thing but going to preaching”.

The writer adds, “I go every night”.

One hopes that there was some refreshment of the spirit for the faithful attendees of the services on hot August nights.

These may have been large, outdoor Revival Meetings which became popular in the early 20th century.

(The postcard was badly damaged and the raised portions severely abraded.

I made significant digital corrections to enable us to visualize the postcard as Bertha would have received it.)


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