Good Luck and Best Wishes – Kleinfeltersville, PA (1910)

Miss Sophie Moore lived in Kleinfeltersville, an unincorporated community, east of Schaefferstown, in Lebanon County.

(Kleinfeltersville is the second-longest unhyphenated post office address in the US!)

Miss Sophie’s friend, F.M., was writing from Schaefferstown to announce a forthcoming trip to meet Sophie on the way to Stouchsburg.

(The postcard inscription is a phonetic spelling of Stouchsburg; I don’t believe there is any other nearby place name that could apply.)

Stouchsburg is an unincorporated community just across the County line in Berks County.  It is about 7 miles from Kleinfeltersville to Stouchsburg.

(The town of Stouchsburg contains a wonderful historic district.)

The postcard wish for good luck could be offered for a variety of occasions.

It is used here as a means of rapid communication at a time when few households had telephones.

The twice-a-day mail delivery of the Postal Service facilitated this common use of postcard communication.

(Kleinfeltersville is a beautiful rural spot.

The handsome Albright Chapel stands at the burial place of Jacob Albright, a seminal figure in the spread of Methodism among the German- speaking population.)


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