Guilty Secrets – Elizabethtown, PA (circa 1910)

I don’t believe that the community of Elizabethtown is a hotbed of broken promises; postcards like this one were purchased by printers who affixed a local place name to them.

This is the only postcard with this image that I have happened to find, and it was tagged to Elizabethtown.

The card lacks the name of a local printer, and it was neither addressed nor mailed.

Perhaps someone circa 1910 was feeling uncertain about a relationship or was ready to make a joke.

In the early twentieth century, there were many postcards related to flirtation, love, courtship, being abandoned, false promises, and heartbreak.

Some are melodramatic, some teasing, some light-hearted, some clearly are jokes.

During the 1920’s, some “comic cards” were exchanged that are racy and salacious, even by contemporary standards.


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