Harriet & Henry “Get Around” – 1939

Miss Freda Kunkle lived in Rohrerstown, PA, a small community west of Lancaster.

I know that Freda had many friends, some of whom were well – traveled, as I have seen numerous postcards that were mailed to her.

Like millions of her fellow-citizens, Freda saved the postcards she received.

On August 17, 1939, Freida received a postcard from Newport, Rhode Island.

Her friends, Harriet and Henry, had spent some time there and were now proceeding to Bar Harbor, Maine.

The postcard, printed in Providence, Rhode Island, is illustrated with scenes of Newport – including the mansions of the “Gilded Age”, an ancient round tower, and the sea side.

Newport and Bar Harbor were popular summer destinations for wealthy families from the eastern US.

Harriet writes that, “I sure do like the traveling” and, “New England is very nice.”

The years following 1939 were darkened by war and the shared sacrifices that curtailed vacation travel.

One hopes that Harriet and Henry retained the happy memories of their journey.


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