“Herr, Hilfe Mir” – Gustav Richter (Germany -circa 1910)

The artist, Gustav Richter, was born in Berlin in 1823.  He studied there, and in Paris, and in Rome.  (He died in Berlin in 1884).

His early works, paintings of Norse deities and other decorative frescoes, were not distinguished. 

A biblical scene, the “Raising of Jarius’s Daughter”, was widely-praised when completed for King Frederick Wilhelm IV  in 1856. 

 But, many critics felt Richter’s works were “theatrical”.

Richter turned to portrait paintings and found great success.  His later works are acknowledged masterpieces.

This postcard print of Christ and St. Peter recalls the story of Jesus walking on the water as found in the Gospel of St. Matthew (Chapter 14).

(St. Peter runs to the Lord across the waves, but becomes frightened and sinks.  He calls to Jesus to help him.)

Religious subjects were not common in Richter’s work; I suspect that this was done early in his career.

The drama in this Biblical event may have attracted his interest.

Printed about 1910 by Stengel and Company in Dresden, this postcard is a fine example of postcard printing and a more accomplished illustration of Biblical themes than many other examples of postcard art.

Collected and not mailed, the postcard may have been a keepsake reminder to a person of the early 20th century to walk by faith.


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