“I Better Leave Here” – La Grande, Oregon (1936)

Miss Jenina Greer lived in La Grande, a city east of the Blue Mountains in northeast Oregon.

La Grande had been a stopping point on the Oregon Trail.

In December of 1936, Jenina received a comic postcard from Roberta.

It seems that Roberta lives nearby, as the postcard is mailed from La Grande.

The face of the postcard bears a cartoon illustration of a dog pursued by a lasso-wielding dog- catcher.

The legend reads, “Something tells me I better leave here”.

On the reverse, Roberta expresses a hope that “you are better today”.

Roberta promises that “I am coming to see you soon” and asks Jenina to “say hello to Mother for me”.

(I cannot decide if Jenina is a sister to Roberta.)

One hopes that Jenina continued to recover, that she was delighted by the humorous postcard, and that Roberta was able to visit as planned.


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