“In Pastures Green” – Camden, New Jersey (1907)

Miss H. Davies lived at 10th and Locust Street in Philadelphia, “in care of Shannons”.

According to an on-line list of druggists in 1911, Shannons was a drug store at the corner of 10th and Locust Streets.

We don’t know if Miss Davies boarded there or had arranged to receive her mail at that address.

In October of 1907, Miss Davies received a postcard from a correspondent in Camden, New Jersey.

Camden lies directly across the Delaware River from Philadelphia.

The postcard bears original art of R. Hill, noted postcard illustrator, whom we met in another postcard story which also related to a bucolic scene.

In this artwork, copyright 1904, a cow stands in a shallow stream and seems to be watching other cows grazing in the distance.

The beasts graze unhurriedly and the whole scene breathes the languor of

hot summer afternoons.

On the face, the correspondent inscribed, “Bessie” (which, for a moment, led me to wonder if the postcard had been sent by the pensive cow in the foreground).

One hopes that Miss Davies was delighted by the postcard and that she and Bessie enjoyed a happy summer.


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