Let Us Be Sweethearts – Madison Run, Virginia (1909)

Mr. Morris was in Washington D.C. when he sent a flirty postcard greeting to Miss Lelia Hicks.

Miss Lelia lived in the small community (“populated place”) of Madison Run, 25 miles northeast of Charlottesville, VA (and not far to the east of Montpelier, the home of James Madison.

Today, Madison Run is noted for exceptional fly-fishing on a stretch of the stream.

The postcard, printed in Germany in the “Theochrom” process, features an illustration of a young man addressing a coquette in a park-like setting.

The legend, “Let Us Be Sweethearts”, suggests that the two have some familiarity with one another.

On the reverse, Mr. Morris asks Miss Lelia to “look good over your letters” so that she will see that it is her turn to write.

Mr. Morris offers “love to all”, which does not sound like an offer of a romantic relationship.

I suspect that the two are long-time friends or relatives.

One hopes that Miss Lelia discovered that she did owe Mr. Morris a letter, and that she quickly quickly composed one – and that the two remained friends or sweethearts for many years.


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