Lois Tours Massachusetts – Fawn Grove, PA (1935)

Miss Evelyn Richardson lived in Fawn Grove, a borough in southern York County, on the Mason-Dixon Line.

(I was unfamiliar with this place name and had to look it up.)

In June, Miss Richardson received a postcard from her friend, Lois, who was in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Lois addresses Evelyn by a nickname, “Cricket”, which suggests that the two are old friends.

The face of the linen-style postcard is a view of the Pownal Valley of the Green Mountains.

The college town of Bennington is located here.

(This area is stunningly beautiful; I have driven through the Green Mountains several times and have always been thrilled by the descent into the very beautiful town of Bennington.)

The choice of postcard suggests that Lois may have taken a scenic tour to reach Cambridge.

Published by C. W. Hughes and Company of Mechanicville, N.Y., the postcard remains crisp and bright after more than 85 years.

(Possibly because the postcard appears to have been pasted into an album.)

On the reverse, Lois writes that she has seen the homes of Louisa Mae Alcott and of Nathaniel Hawthorne, and visited the historic towns of Concord and Lexington.

One hopes that Evelyn was pleased by the postcard and that the two friends shared many adventures in the years to come.


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