Maggie is Thinking of Jesse – Sharpsburg, Ohio (1912)

Mr. Jesse Stambel lived in Sharpsburg, an unincorporated community in Athens County of southeast Ohio.

This is a rural area, close to Gifford State Forest.,_Athens_County,_Ohio

In September of 1912, Jesse received a postcard from Maggie.

Because the postcard was mailed from Sharpsburg, we may assume that Maggie lived nearby or visited the area regularly.

The face of the postcard shows a young man seated at a desk; he appears pensive and reflective.

Beside him, a shadowy woman bends over him.

The photograph suggests that the young man is lost in thoughts of the young woman.

The legend reads, “I am thinking of you Kid”.

The interesting photograph is from the “Living Pictures Series” published by J. J. Marks of New York.

The image was copyrighted in 1912.

On the reverse, Maggie acknowledges a recent postcard from Jessie.

I cannot comprehend all of the message: Maggie got home okay on Wednesday, but it was after nine o’clock.

Maggie went to the hotel on two different days to “help them”; it it isn’t clear if this is an occasional job.

Maggie promises to tell Jesse “if any (indecipherable) goes on”, and she wishes him to have “a good time for me at the two fairs(?)”.

One hopes that the two friends were able to accomplish their plans and to achieve happiness in the Fall of 1912.


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