Marita Sends a Scarf to Mayme – Emlenton, PA (1909)

In January of 1909, Marita mailed a postcard to her friend Mayme.

The postcard, printed in Germany, is embossed and gilded.

Two doves greet one another over a basket of flowers.

(It is an example of great postcard craftsmanship.)

The gilt legend reads, “To My Dear Friend”.

On the reverse, Marita writes, “I sent you that scarf so you could wear it on your head or around your neck when it’s cold”.

Considering that the winters in northern Pennsylvania can be quite cold, this was a thoughtful gift.

Marita lived in Philadelphia, but Mayme was in Emlenton, in northwest Pennsylvania.

(That we looked at postcards related to Emlenton twice this week is a coincidence.)

One hopes that Mayme acknowledged receipt of Marita’s timely gift and of the charming postcard.


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