Martha works at the Y – Baltimore, Maryland (1925)

In January of 1925, Martha Randall was on her Christmas Break from school.

Unexpectedly, Martha had received a postcard from another young woman she had met some months before.

Miss Lulu Walker had written from Clarksburg, West Virginia.

Lulu seems to be staying at “Annhurst”, the home (or boarding house) of Mrs. J. Edgar Long.

Clarksburg, the home of an ancient indigenous Mound Builders culture, in 1925 was an important stop on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.  

Local industries included the Akro Agate Company – the world’s largest manufacturer of glass marbles.

Martha was surprised to hear from Lulu and wrote, “it was very nice of you to remember me after all these months”.

We don’t know if the “lovely greeting” from Lulu was a Christmas or New Year postcard; Martha’s response was a postcard drawing of the Central Branch of the YWCA in Baltimore.

This large structure served a vital role in accommodating young women who were traveling or entering the workforce in the 1920’s.

Many inns or hotels were not considered suitable for young ladies on their own.

The postcard was published by I. & M. Ottenheimer of Baltimore.

Martha explained, “I am working here during my Xmas break.”

One hopes that Lulu was pleased to receive Martha’s response.

It is not clear if the young women would ever meet again.


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