Mayme is Coming Home Next Month – Hot Springs, Arkansas (1912)

Miss Katherine Quinn lived in Chicago.

In March of 1912, Katherine received a postcard from her friend, Mayme.

Mayme was making an extended trip.

The postcard was mailed from Hot Springs, the famous health resort and spa in Arkansas.,_Arkansas

The face of the postcard is a photograph of a scenic roadway on Hot Springs Mountain.

The postcard was published by Valentine & Sons, an international postcard company.

On the reverse, Mayme asks, “How is everybody”.

She adds that the weather is “just like summertime here”.

It is unclear if Katherine had an address with which to respond to Mayme’s postcard.

If Katherine did have an address, she would have had time to respond – Mayme reports, “I expect to be home next month.”

It is possible that Mayme’s Winter break was not just for pleasure; many people sought the Hot Springs’ curative powers for respiratory distress or for relief of bodily aches and pains.

Today, the National Park Service preserves “Bathhouse Row”, a street of handsome spas and resorts amid gardens on Central Avenue in Hot Springs.

One hopes that Mayme continued to enjoy the resort and that Katherine heard more about the trip when Mayme returned.


The postcard suffered extensive damage, as seen on the image of the reverse.

I made extensive digital repairs to the face.


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